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Occasionally, we get a parti-coloured puppy in our litters.  Parti-coloured poodles have been around since the beginning of poodles.  The parti gene is passed on as a recessive gene.

Both parents need to be carrying the gene in order to produce the parti-coloured effect.    Statistically speaking, the percentage of parti-coloured puppies in a litter will only be 25%.  Of course, what you expect and what you get can be very different.  We have only produced four litters in over 8 years that have produced parti-coloured puppies.  The last two litters we have only had one parti puppy in each of the litters.  Maybe one day, the bias and discrimination directed to the parti-coloured poodle will be a thing of the past, when they can be placed on main register and accepted into the show ring as they are in parts of Europe and UKC.

When breeding, we consider temperament, conformation and above all the genetic attributes of our dogs.  Using Genetic Diversity, we look for the best possible genetic combination - with the hope of producing the healthiest puppies possible.   We have also been working towards breeding for RD (renal dysplasia) clear dogs.  In breeding out this disease, we have not always got the results that we were statistically hoping for.  So it has been a process that is taking many years.  As the disease is passed on as dominant with incomplete penetrance, it means that very few dogs carrying the mutant allele is affected.  Dogenes (the Canadian company responsible for isolating the mutant allele) determines that as many as 80% of ALL dogs carry the mutant allele.  According to Dogenes, only 3-5% will ever be affected.  

We do have specific goals in our breeding program.  Mother Nature has not been too helpful in helping us achieve those goals... so it seems we are taking the high road (which seems to be the long road).  We are very grateful to those who have taken on the role as 'Champion For The Breed" which has allowed us to pursue our goals by keeping a wide range of genetics at large for us to access in order produce the healthiest puppy possible for you to enjoy.

All companion puppies are sold desexed (or tubal ligation) and come with microchip, first vaccination (C3), shaved, regularly wormed as per recommended protocol and leave us treated with Advocate (flea, worm, & heartworm) for their safety and your peace of mind.

All puppies are individually tested by:-

ORIVET - DNA profile and Confirmation of Parentage- and clear by parentage report.

UC DAVIS - Genetic Diversity.

DOGENES - RD status (only if parents are both not RD clear).

If you are not totally prepared when puppies are due to leave, we can care for them for a brief period (additional fees may apply).

Information re Genetic Diversity can be found at https://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/dog/GeneticDiversityInStandardPoodles.php

Information re Renal dysplasia can be found at



Hi Tracy

Beau settled in quite well, he investigated his new surroundings and only closed his eyes twice all day while he was having cuddles, however, he has totally piked it tonight curled up on the couch watching harry potter lol

I am in awe of how well socialized he is, his temperament is amazing with not an ounce of anxiety.  He has not had one accident inside and not sure if he has been on grass before but promptly relieved himself when put down then demanded to be picked up and taken back inside :-)

He did eat a small amount of chicken for lunch and dinner but was not over hungry I know his appetite will pick up once he settles in.

We are all amazed at how responsive he is, he is even starting to respond to his name and he constantly talks to you as he explores he has had us in stitches of laughter.  He is very wise like he has been here and seen it all before :-)

I just want to say thank you for allowing us to adopt him and congratulate you for being one of the rare but wonderful poodle breeders that really do give their pups the best start to life your dedication and care really shines through with all your poodles especially MYDRM As You Like It akka Beau

We have had him not 12 hours and already  he is a big part of our family. I really hope he can do you proud in the show ring :-)

All the best


Debbie Graham (Beaudanser Poodles)